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Been ages since I last wrote a blog post. When I login just now, Blogger told me that I last wrote a post in 2014. That was two years ago! I was a younger, slimmer, single person in Taipei then. Now I am an older, married man working in Amsterdam and with a little more weight. I don't know if people still blog these days. Seems that most people just share their status in a few words in Facebook now. Others who have more things to say and who are "sophiscated" use a platform called Medium. Who still uses now? I did not expect to come to Amsterdam to work and to live. I am grateful for the life experience. Living in this beautiful city where people look different, the language is different, the culture is different, and the lifestyle is different. Even the climate takes a lot of getting used to. I grew up in Singapore where everyday was 28 degree celsius to 34 degree celsius, throughout the year. Here, I can't feel my fingers on my way to work in the win

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